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The Centre for Core Studies (PPT), KUIS was established not only to offer the compulsory MQA courses but also to realise the goal of interpretation of adab in education and the life of insan as outlined by the KUIS Ta’dib policy. The core courses in PPT were developed to achieve this goal. In line with the hope to mould the students of KUIS to be competent, understand the meaning of shahada, and achieving the level of ‘abidin, zuhhad and ‘arifin in their truest sense, and also to reach the love to Allah SWT, PPT plays a big role in preparing the ‘yellow canvas’ (Islam as Core) of the students as the basis of education before they are being shaped by the ‘blue canvas’ (Core Competency) of their respective faculties. Hence, PPT contributed to the role in ensuring KUIS becomes an Islamic Higher Learning Institution and making the people in KUIS as insan Ta’dibi.

Centre for Core Studies (PPT) offers the MQA Compulsory courses: as required by the Malaysian Accreditation Agency (MQA) to all Private Higher Learning Institution (IPTS), University Compulsory courses; courses that is compulsory to be taken by all students in Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS) which is made up of Compulsory Module, General Elective and Faculty Compulsory courses. The academic structure of PPT made up of three departments; Department of Islamic Thought and Understanding (JKPI), Department of Languages and Human Potential (JBPI), and Department of National and Civilisation Studies (JKPK).

JKPI offers the foundation courses in Islamic studies and understanding. These courses have different branches of focus including the knowledge of aqidah, fiqh, akhlaq, Islamic philosophy and history. The purpose of these course is to shape the fundamental understanding of Islam in the students based on the Islam philosophy of education. This will in turn create good person who hold the responsibility as the khalifah of Allah SWT who will always be cognizant of their role as abid. As for the course category under this department, they are; MQA Compulsory, University Compulsory, and Faculty Compulsory courses.

JBPI manages all of the language courses such as Arabic, English, Mandarin and Japanese. All of these courses are University Compulsory which consists of the component of Compulsory Module except for Mandarin and Japanese language which is categorised as the component of General Elective.

JKPK is responsible in handling the courses which are categorised as MQA Compulsory. These include; Malaysian Studies, Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation (TITAS), Latihan Bina Insan and Khidmat Ummah. Apart from that, this department also offers the courses of University Compulsory such as Malay Language/National Language, Introduction to Information Technology in Human Lives, and the courses of University Compulsory from the component of General Elective that is Development of Human Potential.


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